Voices for Israel

Voices for Israel is all about real-people testimonies telling about their vacations in Israel. Insightful, interesting, heartfelt and fun stories of anticipation and adventure.


When folks plan a big trip overseas there are many questions to answer. Where will they stay? What will they do? How will they get around? Who will they meet? How do they feel about where they're going? And when they decide to spend their vacation in Israel, it's no different.

Israel is a most unique land. Stunning and diverse. A land that has captured, in one way or another, the attention of the world.

The Personal Touch 

I've always loved personal testimonies. They're encouraging or inspiring or just fun to hear. So, I wanted to sit down with people, those who have never vacationed in Israel, and those who have been there multiple times. I wanted to hear their hearts, what they anticipate seeing the most, the least. What are their concerns? How do they feel about the cultural differences? And I thought it would be fun to share their hearts with you.

I also hope to include the testimonies and stories of those who live full time in Israel. Business owners, artists, shop keepers, chefs, tour guides, volunteers, and any one else who would be willing to share their experiences. Perhaps I can include a few insider shopping secrets or Israel vacation tips, and maybe even an authentic recipe or two.

It's my desire to bring Israel closer to you through this series of interviews, to make the land of Israel and the people who live in Israel as real as possible. To share with you the beauty others see in her.

I tried to capture each testimony as accurately as possible, word for word, in their own voice, as they shared it with me. I believe each person's spirit is contained within his own voice and words and is the only way to accurately convey the heart of the person as he or she responds to the incredible mystery that is Israel.

So please, brew a cup of coffee or steep a soothing cup of tea and settle in with me and my guest as we swap stories and reminisce about our vacations in Israel.

Voices for Israel Stories

Zelta Fox: my sister-in-law and really good friend; never been to Israel, never been further even than Kansas, well, if you don't count Mexico or Canada; definitely has never been anywhere where she needed a passport. Here's her story of anticipation for her vacation to Israel.