Voices for Israel
Zelta Fox

Our guest on this post of Voices for Israel Zelta Fox, is ready to go but she still has 6 months of anxious anticipation and preparation before she embarks on her first vacation in Israel.

Recently I had the privilege of sitting down with my sister-in-law for a little chat over Mexican food about her trip to Israel this coming October 2016.

Now I sit down with her quite often for various chats about various things, but this was special, especially for her. Zel has never traveled outside the country, well, actually, she's been to Canada and Mexico, but never anywhere that requires a passport or a super-long plane ride. For her, it's a big deal and I wanted to know how she was feeling about the whole adventure. With a sparkle in her eyes mixed with occasional tears, here's what she shared with us on this post of Voices for Israel Zelta Fox...

C- How or when did you first become aware of Israel?

Z- I first heard of Biblical Israel as a child. Hearing the Bible stories put a desire for that land in me, an importance about it. I remember the 6-Day War and having a feeling for God's land. This should alarm Christians. Being in a Christian home, I felt like the importance of Israel was suppressed, but something has always drawn me, the Father preparing me, drawing me into a deeper relationship in preparation of today, like seeds being planted. My growing up years were almost anti-Semitic, with derogatory feelings. My religious, or Christian, up-bringing focused more on a Biblical Israel, not so much a modern day Israel.

As an adult those seeds that were planted as a child laid dormant. Until Bob, my late husband, needed to prove wrong his Torah observant brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Bob and I dug into Torah and low and behold, we couldn't prove them wrong. That's when the seeds within me began to come out of the dead state that had been dormant for decades. I felt with the changing of our lives to become Torah observant, that my feelings toward Israel became alive, I became aware of them again.

Relationships ~ At Home & in Israel

C- How do you feel about the Jewish people?

Z- I respect them for having kept the history, covenant and the Torah for all the centuries. I have great admiration for them.

C- What has been your family members reactions to you going to Israel?

Z- No expression at all from them.

C- How do you feel about sharing about Israel, considering it's such a volatile place?

Z- Uncomfortable, cautious because I'm afraid of people asking questions I can't answer. I'm taking baby steps. I'm totally NOT [emphasis hers] at all afraid of going to Israel. If that's where I am when Father takes me home, I'm okay with that... But I hope it doesn't happen until I get to see some of that [the Land].

Most people are scared of going. The news isn't, or doesn't, represent the whole story. All we ever hear about is the bad stuff. I'm excited to go in October, going to the Land written about 6000 years ago. Gonna walk places where Yeshua walked, Avraham walked. Very excited about seeing Jerusalem - don't want to waste any time. I want to see and do what I can. I'm also very excited to be going to the Hills of Ephraim, my homeland. My perspective is different, feels like I have more of a connection, not just Bible stories of a far away place.

Preparation Time

C- How are you preparing emotionally and physically for the trip?

Z- I've never traveled internationally, never been more than 2000 miles away, still on the same continent. I'm not scared of a big plane - scared more to go on a little one. It's an exciting adventure to go on an international flight. And I've been researching on Pinterest about what to take in your bag for a long flight.

I'm looking forward to this trip with great anticipation, always thinking about it. It consumes my thoughts, I'm pre-occupied, though I have to put it on the back burner, I still have 6 months to go. I will take lots of pictures, if I can just remember to pull the camera out of the bag [big grin and a giggle].

I'm also excited to see how Sukkot is done in the Land, compared to our American version.

Voices for Israel Zelta Fox - Fashionista or Foodie?

C- And shopping..?

Z- Yes! For food!! And I would like a piece of Israeli art for my home. Either a picture of Jerusalem or the Hills of Ephraim. I also want to shop for my family... And maybe some new shoes [she grins].

For this special Voices for Israel Zelta Fox, I want to thank Zel for offering her voice to be shared with our readers. This trip will be extra special for Ron and I, as we will have the privilege of being her escorts, for it's more than just a vacation in Israel, it's somewhat of a homecoming.