Life in Israel ~ Ancient and Modern

“Israel?”, you may be wondering, “what’s there to do in Israel?” "When's the best time to visit?"

Well, if you’ve never vacationed in Israel you may be surprised to find a diverse but integrated society and culture flowing between trendy boutiques for the discriminating and serious shopper to restaurants catering to the most sophisticated palate.

Bougainvillea in Capernaum

Prior to our first vacation to Israel, I thought the entire country was desert and palm trees. Well, there are lots of palm trees but I had no idea there were also pine trees and colorful bougainvillea and expansive fields of wildflowers.

Or such delicious food ranging from the exotic and spicy, conjuring up images of flying carpets and wandering camels; fragrant and fresh pressed olive oil; the floral sweetness of rose and honey dripping from crispy baklava.

Even if you're hankerin’ for a good ‘ole burger and fries, you can let your nose lead you to Burger’s Bar (our favorite location is the original one on Emek Refa’im St. in the German Colony).

Olive Trees on Mount of Olives

And olive trees? I had never seen an olive tree like these old, gnarly ones until I visited Israel.

So… ok, yes, we love wine! We were so excited to discover beautiful, world-class wines created from the most lovely boutique wineries from locally grown grapes.

The hills are alive with olive trees and vines!

Archeology to Reflective Study in Israel

Israel is packed with history, ancient history, fragments of pottery dating back more than 3000 years can be found lying on the ground for the gathering in Shiloh. The Western Wall and surrounding areas in Old City Jerusalem is just one of hundreds of archaeology sites in Israel that hold the mysteries of civilizations past.

If it’s a beach you’re looking for, the sandy beaches along the Mediterranean are a soothing and sunny choice. Or explore the Coral Beach Nature Reserve on the Red Sea in Eilat.

Shopping opps abound. The Machane Yehuda is just one of many colorful and unique places to experience Israel as a local.

To satisfy that longing for deeper meaning, there are many opportunities to connect with or enroll in a yeshiva, quiet your heart in an exquisite church or take classes in religious studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Olive Press in Shiloh

If you spent the day exploring, shopping, beach-bumming, studying to your hearts content or getting your hands dirty digging in an archeological site, a good place to rest is a great idea.

There is plenty to choose from. Hostels and other cheap hotels in Israel are most certainly available as are bed and breakfasts, guest houses, rental apartments and luxurious 5 star hotels.

Feels Like Home

Feeling so comfortable and at home in the Land, before our first visit ended we were already planning when and how we could return.

Our next two trips found us striking out on adventures far and wide. It’s our desire to share these with you.

This website is all about

* our love for Israel

* our favorite things to do

* places to stay

* where to dine

* why we keep going back

* sites, sounds and smells of Israel

* and more

We hope you'll invite AtHomeIsrael into your home, follow along with us and fall in love like we did.